Xoom Project Wrist Wraps

Wrist Wraps - Blue Lines

Wrist Wraps - Blue Lines

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The XoomProject strength wrist wraps give you great support. Super resistant, for all workouts you want to do. Sold in Pairs


With XoomProject wrist wraps, you can get a perfect support. So, instead of repeatedly wrapping and unwrapping your wrists from one exercise to the next, you can just tighten the material for extra firm support on heavier lifts, then loosen it for a little more range of motion on the next. Great support, with a confortable wrist wrap, easy to use.


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3.1" (8 cm)
30,7" (78cm)

Lifter Pack -20%

Add to the basket any wristband, knee pads, whether they are 7mm neoprene or the bands and the XP Elite or FitTraining belt that you like the most with 20% discount

Pack Scale -20%

Add to the basket any rope, the wristbands that you like the most and the ProjectGrip grips that you want with a 20% discount< /strong>

un pelin rigidas
rating 9
01/13/2023  Verified Purchase

Un poco rígidas los primeros días, luego ya quedan geniales. Resistentes.