General conditions.

These Terms of Use govern the use of the Internet site XoomProject.com (the "SITE").

USER DEFINITIONS: Anyone who accesses the SITE but not make any purchase, use, access, or dispose of the contents in it ready.

CONTENTS: Any information, text, links, software, equipment, tools, including photos of products and services offered, etc., whose arrangement and access occurs only so online through the SITE and navigation through it.

Joined: any user who is registered in the SITE filling in the registration form, agree to the "terms of use" and can access any restricted areas set forth in the SITE.

LEGAL LEGENDS: All general and special conditions set forth in the SITE, plus any law that is applicable for either using the site itself, etc.

XoomProject.com advises users to carefully read both of these general conditions as other legal legends set forth in the SITE, and in particular any conditions or terms which relate to the content.

For any questions that might arise from reading such legal legends do not hesitate to contact us

You represent and expressly accepts that access to the site implies full extent unequivocal commitment to comply with each and every one of the legal legends mere access and use of any of the contents provided and / or provided by the SITE. In any case, if the user does not understand or assume the fulfillment of all or part of the General Conditions must not access or use the Website and / or contents arranged and / or provided through it. Likewise, the user declares and accepts unequivocally and expressly while the legal legends will be in effect at all times, from the start of access to the SITE as they may be amended at any time by XoomProject.com without prior notice. As a user declares to be of age and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these conditions of use and access the Website. The user accepts, expressly and without exception that access and use of the Site, its services and contents of these services are under your sole responsibility.


XoomProject.com, through the SITE, gets access to a range of content that can be supplied or provided by the company itself or by third parties, the main object the provision of business information to the user.

THE USER understands that xoomproject.com commercial activity is the sale of sportswear and accessories.

Within the site, there may be areas or restricted access and free use of the contents. In this case, the same will be accessed by entering an email address and a password chosen by the user and only he knows about.
XoomProject.com reserves the right to restrict, terminate and / or suspend at any time access to the SITE, the use of all or some of its contents either free or restricted access. Also XoomProject.com reserves the right at any time to modify the location on the SITE of the contents, and the configuration of both the content itself and the access to them.


2.1. Access and use of the SITE generally performed by a user.

The user expressly and unequivocally accepts that access and use of the Site does not imply any warranty, which expressly waiver by XoomProject.com, regarding the suitability of the contents included therein for personal or specific purposes USER. Consequently, both access to the SITE and the use of the contents is carried out under the sole responsibility of the user and XoomProject.com not respond in any case and no action, or by direct or indirect, or consequential damages or lost profits, for any damage arising from the use of the contents or the conclusions that the user remove the use of the same, whether they are accessible on the website or on other websites through connections and " existing links'. Also XoomProject.com will in no way responsible, either indirectly or indirectly, for the CONTENT, provided or offered by third parties or entities (or their marketing and manufacturing conditions) or for content, information, communication , opinions or statements of any spills or by third parties that are accessible through the site, in any case assuming no warranty or support for the use or purchase of products or services of third party providers of the same type.
The user expressly and unequivocally that XoomProject.com may at any time set additional conditions or restrictions on access to the SITE and to the use of the contents, which compliance will be immediate compliance by the user without prior notice.
Access to the site is provided in good faith by XoomProject.com, so considering that many of the contents can be supplied or provided by third parties and XoomProject.com warns the user knows and accepts that some of the data or texts available may not be completely accurate or updated, although XoomProject.com makes every effort to update content and keep more accurate translations possible at all times.

2.2. Authorized use of the site and its contents.

The user expressly and unequivocally that made access to the SITE and, where appropriate, using the same and contained in the prepared in accordance with legal legends, these general conditions, special conditions can be arranged if each CONTENT as well as other applicable rules, the practice and custom, good faith and public order. In any case, purely limitation, the User agrees to:

a) No access or use the Site or its contents, not allowed or would defeat the object of the SITE and the regulatory framework governing it. Thus, the user should not make or attempt to make access or use of content and / or restricted the SITE without authority to do so areas. In addition, the user must make such access and use the restricted areas using the methods and tools that the SITE itself has set for it, but in no case will fit, you are the authorized user or not for the access and use of areas and contents restricted the use of any methods, means or tools that seek to circumvent security measures and identification XoomProject.com arranged or third parties.

b) Access and / or use the Website and / or content within the principles and purposes for which they were created and made available to the USER, also respecting the format and making available legal legends set forth herein. In order to fulfill these principles and purposes, the user, by way of example and not limitation, is committed to:
1) Do not perform or attempt to perform actions that lead or may lead to damage directly or indirectly, in the general on the SITE and the contents disposed therein, and specifically on the rights of any third party or XoomProject.com .
2) Do not perform or attempt to perform actions that affect, either, among others, modifying, manipulating or deleting references or formats references or mentions protection of intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties XoomProject.com or both the site itself as those contained in the prepared and other component parts.
3) Do not perform actions that harm or may harm XoomProject.com systems or others, or if any affect or may affect the normal development of the SITE object. Within these actions the introduction of computer viruses in XoomProject.com systems, users or any third party which affect or may affect in any way the site, as well as the actions for the dissemination of such viruses include both SITE and the network through the SITE.

c) Users are liable for all damages, of any kind, XoomProject.com, any other user or third party may suffer as a result of misuse that they make of the Site or the contents disposed therein. They also respond to any amount XoomProject.com need to claim as a result of an administrative decision, final judgment or settlement aimed to compensate third parties for damages caused by the same reason.

2.3 Access and use of the SITE by registered users.

Once accepted these terms and conditions, the user after all steps of the registration procedure, you can access restricted areas, using your EMAIL and password that he has chosen.
The personal data provided in the application form within the site will be treated as provided in the "Privacy" section. The password is personal, nonexclusive, nontransferable for the registered user specific, so that is the sole responsibility of the registered user diligent and confidential custody of them, as well as any damages that could possibly be derived from access and use the restricted areas carried out both by the registered user or by any third party due to the lack of diligence and confidentiality in their custody for the registered user.
If you forget the password, the user can use the provisions of SITE Forgot your password? Any circumstance which endangers access and / or use by unauthorized third parties, users should immediately notify the XoomProject.com address in order to proceed immediately to block and replace it.
The user undertakes not to provide false data, particularly those data relating to age, sex or direction either email or not.
Users are liable for all damages, of any kind, XoomProject.com may suffer as a result of providing false information. They also respond to any amount XoomProject.com need to claim as a result of an administrative decision, final judgment or transactional agreement tending to compensate third parties for damages caused by the same reason.
In any case, XoomProject.com reserves the right to freely accept or reject the application for registration and purchase of the user.


REGISTERED USERS expressly consent to receive commercial communications products or services offered or that may be offered in the future by XoomProject.com.
The registered user may request cancellation of sending commercial communications by sending a communication via e-mail indicating their unequivocal desire not to receive commercial communications. This request cancellation of commercial communications in any way prejudice the possibility of the registered user to access and use content.
In the event that through the SITE or through commercial communications sent by XoomProject.com references or links to products and / or services from third parties or third party sites that include their products and / or services are included, the user expressly agrees that XoomProject.com no representation or warranty of purchases of such products and / or services of others, or the quality, features, etc. of such products and / or services. XoomProject.com not be a contracting party to the acquisition but only the user and the third XoomProject.com acting as a mere channel of communication, but does not endorse or promote these products.


4.1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the access and use of the SITE.

XoomProject.com not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website or those other Websites with which it has established a link. Also XoomProject.com shall in no event be liable for any damages arising from:
(I) lack of availability or accessibility to the Website or those other sites with which it has established a link;
(Ii) interruption in the functioning of the Site, or the contents disposed therein, or computer failures, telephone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads of telephone lines in the Internet system or other electronic systems produced in the course of its operation;
(Iii) the inadequacy of the SITE or the CONTENT for the specific needs of users and
(Iv) other damages that may be caused by third parties through the SITE interference affecting unauthorized outside the control of XoomProject.com.
Also XoomProject.com warns that the quality of the provision of the contents provided in the SITE and use thereof made by the user, depends heavily on the hardware and software of this meet the technical requirements in their If may be necessary to XoomProject.com criteria. These technical requirements may be made manifest through the SITE or through private USERS communications and should be met by the user. Therefore, XoomProject.com not responsible for the impossibility or deficiency in the provision of contents or the use thereof by the users in the event that they do not fulfill those technical requirements.
XoomProject.com adopts various protection measures to protect the Website and its Contents against attacks by third parties. However, XoomProject.com not guarantee that unauthorized parties can not gain access to the type of use of the SITE that makes the user or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which such use is made. Consequently, XoomProject.com will in no way responsible for any damages that may result from such unauthorized access.

4.2 Exclusion of guarantees and liability in connection with the Links.

For the SITE available to the USERS technical link devices, directories and search tools that allow users to access pages and / or web sites belonging and / or managed by third parties, check the content XoomProject.com existing in these pages at the time it establishes a link to them and will do so in the good faith belief that such contents comply with applicable law. However, in no case XoomProject.com responsible, approve, or endorse the products, services, content, information, data, files and any kind of material on such websites and does not control or take responsibility, approve or own subsequent modifications of such materials. In the event that it deems appropriate or required by court or administrative order, XoomProject.com remove links to those websites that violate applicable law and / or adversely affects the rights of others.


All those who try to establish a link or hyperlink between their website and the SITE must obtain prior authorization XoomProject.com character, presenting a written request. For such authorization, you will be informed of the conditions of use of the links. In general, without limiting the foregoing, it is forbidden to establish links with XoomProject.com


You have 14 days to return an item without justification.

Return of products used or manipulated not accepted.

The costs of the return will be on your own.

Once received the product in our store, and found to be in perfect condition, we proceed to make the refund.

If by mistake, a different item that was requested is sent. In this case we will pay the return shipping charges, and would send our transport agency to pick the package.

Always, before making a return, you must contact us. Access your User Panel on the web. Locate your order and click on View details. Mark the item you want to return, and if you want, give an explanation or detail of the return.


All orders will be sent by courier.

Depending on where you live, it may take more or less time. Between 3 and 7 days.

When entering your address, shipping options to your location appear.


XoomProject.com undertakes to keep the personal data provided and maintain the necessary measures, taking into consideration the current state of technology to prevent tampering, loss, or unauthorized access, notwithstanding that such data or access to the file containing them can be provided to those agencies or entities under a legal provision requiring it provided them such access. 
The purpose of creation, existence and maintenance of the file are the maintenance and management of a business relationship, and where appropriate, billing, customer service tasks of information, marketing and related activities such actions.