XomMask - High Altitude Training Mask

XoomMask - Altitude Training Mask

XoomMask - Altitude Training Mask

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Altitude training mask (Hypoxic Mask). Get your maximum potential with XoomMask. After using XoomMask, no training will be the same again.

High intensity training tolerance is one of the major factors that make you improve. If you can tolerate and perform the workouts with the XoomMask, imagine what can do when take it off, it’s only a matter of time before you are in better conditions. Training  with XoomMask improves your ability your tolerance to High intensity effort. Make each workout your best workout. Cross Traininig never will be the same. 

It's time to get out of your comfort zone!

Size Chart:

Below is a general guide based on body weight (note that facial measurements are more accurate for ensuring correct fit). This size chart is indicative:

  • S: 45 - 65 kilograms
  • M: 65 - 100 kilograms
  • L: + 100 kilograms

How to use:

There are two valves inside the mask. One of them has a green silicone valve inside (see images). And the other one is empty. This valve opens and closes under pressure.

To begin, we recommend leaving it like this, until we get used to training with the mask. We can regulate the air flow with the side levers. The number 1 is the softest (more air enters) and the number 4 the hardest (less air enters). We can leave one side in the 1 (the softest), and go up the other, and little by little get to have both sides in 4 (the hardest).

Once accustomed, we can add one of the transparent valves that comes in the bag inside the box (the other is spare). In the valves that are inside the mask, we open the one that is empty and add the transparent silicone valve that comes in the bag. We must put it backwards of how the green valve is, as a rule, with the flat part down. This is the hardest way, with the silicone valves on (the green that is already on and the transparent one).

The front cover does NOT need to be removed.


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M. Toledano Delgado

Envío rápido y buena calidad

Cumple su funci?n
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08/07/2019  Verified Purchase
P. Century
Al principio da un poco de ahobionusarla. Luego bien
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P. Century
rating 10
04/10/2019  Verified Purchase
P. Century
Muy buena