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Thurderbolt Jump Rope - Black

Thurderbolt Jump Rope - Black

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The Speed of a black Thunderbolt. 360º bearings manufactured in Japan for a unique speed and comfort (avoid imitations). Lightweight design and ergonomic handle for comfortable grip during jumps. Aluminum handle with non-slip surface.

Presented in a practical case to always protect your rope.

Our Black Thunderbolt jump rope will change your concept on double jumps, triple jumps, ...

This is a high quality jump rope for the hardest WODs and CrossTraining competitions.

The new 360° rotating ball bearing, the black ultra light  strong unibody aluminium stick, covered with abrasion-proof, and the super cool design, will make this Thunderbolt Jump Rope your best option.

Our cable is made of a durable polyurethane-coated steel, making this rope suitable for indoor use, or outdoor on smooth surfaces. The cable is not meant to be used on concrete or asphalt surfaces, and run the risk of cracking or fraying if used on coarse surfaces. Any warranties will be void if used on any surface other than rubber, wood, or smooth surfaces.


  • 360º rotation system.
  • Super fast double bearings.
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip.
  • Ultra light handle (45gr each).
  • 3.5 meters long cable for athletes over 1.85m high.
  • Rotation support for maximum speed of rotation and safety in competitions.

Importants Tips:

  • Do not throw the rope to the ground, that will cause the bearing to be damaged.
  • Put lubricant (3in1 or similar) once a month on the bearings. They are metal bearing, and with dust, magnesium or sweat can get stuck.
  • We recommend to check the screw occasionally, to make sure that it has not loosened since the last time it was used.
  • Keeping your jump rope kink-free is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your cable. To store your jump rope, coil the cable along its natural curve in the case when not in use.
  • Take care of your rope. It will take care of you.

Explanatory video about the assembly of the rope . SEE HERE


Data sheet

Cable length
Handle length
Cable Diameter
2,5 mm
Weight of each handle
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Comba súper ágil y dinámica
rating 10
06/27/2023  Verified Purchase

La comba llegó perfecta y las características de la comba en base a lo previsto.

De lujo
rating 10
01/10/2023  Verified Purchase

Increíble la comba de calidad

rating 10
08/19/2021  Verified Purchase
Va fluida
rating 9
05/04/2020  Verified Purchase
L. Juega
Esta muy bien, la ?nica pega que cuando le he puesto los lastres el cierre se afloja
rating 8
03/14/2020  Verified Purchase
A. Ruiz Ayala
Van bien, pero a veces se traba el enganche con la anilla y se nota en el giro. Son c?modas y se sujetan bien.
rating 10
01/16/2020  Verified Purchase
A. Gonzalez Valencia
Una de las mejores combas que he tenido, quizas tiene mucho aparatage que a veces se enreda pero va genial.
rating 9
06/27/2019  Verified Purchase
J. González Solórzano
Comba de calidad. Los rodamientos tienen muy buena pinta y hacen que la comba sea muy r?pida. No es barata, pero parece un buena inversi?n despu?s de dos meses de uso.
rating 10
04/13/2019  Verified Purchase
M. Gonzalez
genial va muy bien para los dobles
rating 8
03/29/2019  Verified Purchase
C. Cabeza