Stainless Steel Shaker - USA Flag

Stainless Steel XoomShaker - USA Flag

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XoomShaker is the ideal mixer for your favorite drink.

Made of stainless steel and with a grid inside the lid to mix your drink well.

A mixer with an incredible design and a quality that will surprise you.


Screw the cap tightly before opening the top cap, and hold the cap to open. Due to the strength with which the top cap is closed, we recommend holding the lid and the base of the mixer with one hand so that it does not suffer the thread.


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El bote destiñe desde el primer día te dejs las manos azules
Answer: Hola Angel,   si es cierto que con algunos XoomShaker de este modelo al principio destiñen (nos ha pasado 2 ó 3 veces). La solución que nos ha comentado otro cliente es pasarle una servilleta y sobre la marcha se va ese resto de tinte que mancha las manos.  Nosotros lo hemos probado y funciona. 

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