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The faster Jump Rope ever, Mach 3 speed in nice purple color.  360º bearings manufactured in Japan for a unique speed and comfort (avoid imitations). Ergonomic handle design for less fatigue. Smooth touch of aluminum handle with non-slip surface.

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Our purple Mach 3 Jump Rope will change your concept about double unders, trible unders,...

This is a high quality jump rope for the hardest professional CrossTraining competitions.

New anatomic handle that adapts to the hand so as not to tire the forearm. Handle surface non-slip, soft and pleasant to the touch.

The new 360° rotating ball bearing, the strong purple unibody aluminium handle, covered with abrasion-proof, and the super cool design, will make this Mach 3 Jump Rope your unique option.

Our cable is made of a durable nylon-coated steel, making this rope suitable for indoor use, or outdoor on smooth surfaces. The cable is not meant to be used on concrete or asphalt surfaces, and run the risk of cracking or fraying if used on coarse surfaces.


  • 360º rotation system
  • Super fast double bearings
  • Comfortable grip. Reduce fatigue
  • 3.5 meters long cable for athletes over 1.85 high
  • Tubular Support for maximum speed of rotation and safety in competitions.


  • We recommend using Tubular Support for competitions, so we do not have to worry about the screw (because there is no screw). It never fails. Or if you just want to be the fastest in the box.
  • We recommend using the other fixing systems if you frequently change cables, or if you are still not sure of the size of your rope. Since the Tubular Support once put, it is for ever.
  • At the time of putting the Tubular Support. Put a fixed end already attached from the beginning, and then just adjust the other end with your measure.
  • We recommend to check the screw each day the jump rope is to be used, to make sure that it has not loosened since the last time it was used.
  • Keeping your jump rope kink-free is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your cable. To store your jump rope, coil the cable along its natural curve in the bag when not in use.

Xoom Project Tubular Support


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Cable length
Total weight
Handle length
Cable Diameter
2,5 mm

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